A navy coffee cup  with a white lid in a woman’s hand, being held up in front of a geometric mural

Better Coffee.
For Everyone.

At Time & Tide Coffee, we believe that everyone deserves to drink the best. There are very few things in the world that we all have access to the best in the world version of – but coffee is one of those things.

We believe that providing better coffee for everyone starts with making great coffee accessible and approachable. We are passionate about sourcing the best coffee and thoughtfully roasting it to bring out its flavor. We know that people can sometimes feel overwhelmed or out of place in a specialty or third-wave coffee shop. We want to demystify specialty coffee so people understand what they are getting and feel comfortable ordering it. 

And for us, better extends beyond the coffee in our cafe.

Better means we build community.
We founded our business in Biddeford, Maine, a former mill town located between the banks of the Saco River and the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The people here like to joke that the city is undergoing a "Biddaissance" – and there is a renaissance happening, in the old mills and on the high street, being led by small business and the thriving arts community, with support from City Hall.

We live and work in Biddeford and wanted to create a space where people from all walks of life can experience our coffee, whether enjoying an espresso drink in the cafe, buying a bag of whole beans to take home and brew, or attending one of our cupping classes. 

Better means we foster deep relationships.
A lot of hands touch your coffee at every stage of its journey to your cup – and at every step it needs to be handled with care. By purchasing green coffee from farmers and exporters with whom we have deep relationships, we are able to ensure that the coffee we serve you meets our exacting standards. 

We believe that better coffee in your cup starts with developing long term relationships with the people on the ground. We work with the same coffee farms and exporters year after year. Buying from the same farmers every year means that the farmers we buy from can rely on us to be supportive partners. This provides consistency for you and stability in our supply chain. 

Better coffee. For everyone.
Quality coffee, thoughtfully roasted. Made accessible to you.