Portrait by Alyce Henson

Briana & Jon

Jon Phillips  | Founder, Coffee Director
Jon brings over 20 years of specialty coffee experience to Time & Tide. He has worked in all aspects of the business, from barista to cafe manager to coffee roaster to green coffee buying and most recently as director of specialty coffee for a large East Coast operation.

Briana Campbell | Founder, Brand & Marketing
Briana is an award winning digital & social media strategist and brand planner who has worked with brands like the Coca-Cola Company, Citibank, Microsoft and United Airlines. Before that, she spent a decade working in fashion and beauty. 


Briana and Jon met in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn NY in the spring of 2010, where they, of course, met up for coffee after being introduced by a mutual friend. They bonded over their love of early 90s punk rock, beautifully crafted cocktails, Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men. After several years as an inseparable couple, they were married in the Autumn of 2014 in what some of their friends described as the "most Brooklyn wedding ever." 

Over the years, they spoke of opening their own coffee company – a place where they could offer the best beans, sourced from people Jon had met in his coffee travels, in a beautiful, modern environment. They drafted the beginnings of a business plan for what would become Time & Tide Coffee while in Antigua in the coffee region of Guatemala, but it remained a dream as they tried to determine the best place to establish their company. It wasn't until a 2017 trip to Maine for a family vacation that they realized Biddeford, with its evolving, artistic, and entrepreneurial community would be a perfect fit. 

Within six months they had left their jobs in New York and relocated to Biddeford. Since arriving in January of 2018, they've become active with local entrepreneurs, city leaders, and the downtown community. They are incredibly excited to be playing their small part in the Biddaissance.