Mexican SWP Decaf

Mexican SWP Decaf


For decaf drinkers, it’s all about the flavor without the caffeine. Unfortunately, they often have to settle for stale brewed coffee that’s been in the pot all day or wait for a pour over of a decaf that’s been added to the menu as an afterthought.

At Time & Tide, we offer a decaf that we’re proud to serve and drink. We believe decaf drinkers deserve to get a great cup of coffee that has had the same level of thought put into the sourcing and roasting as all the other coffee we have on offer. Our Mexican Swiss Water Process Decaf is that coffee.

The Swiss Water Process starts with putting the green coffee in a hot water bath to extract the caffeine and flavor compounds in the coffee. Then that water is run through a carbon filter where the caffeine attaches to the filter. The flavor compounds are then reintroduced into the coffee and dried, leaving behind a flavorful coffee without the caffeine.

Notes of caramel, lemon, walnut

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